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Sega: US is the top priority

Japan and Europe are sorted apparently

Sega West president, Mike Hayes has said that Sega's 'top priority' is to develop games that cater to the North American audience.

"What I need to do is find games that are more appropriate for the American territory," he said in an interview.

"That is very much where the focus for the company is going to be, whether that is in acquisition or working with developers on commissions to create more product for the American market" said Hayes.

According to the Sega man, the company is aiming to mirror the success of titles such as Total War and Football Manager in Europe.

"Where those brands may be less successful in the US is where we have a bigger task in pulling Sega back to the position it was," he said.

"We want Sega in the US to be in as good a position as it is in Europe. We're very well balanced in Europe with good PC products, we're certainly very good in the mass market, and with 360 and PS3 we know we can't compete with Ubisoft, Activision and EA."

Currently the upcoming Sega line-up features Vanquish, Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 and The Conduit 2.