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Itagaki's Devil's Third will be 3D on PS3

Developer confirms new details of "action shooter"

Tomonobu Itagaki has revealed that his new third-person action game, Devil's Third, will be playable in 3D on PS3.

We reported earlier this week that Devil's Third will be released by THQ on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2012.

Little is known about the game's content - but Itagaki-san told VG247 that the title will be a "shooter-action game".

He added: "The PlayStation 3 version is going to support 3D visuals. I myself have a 3D TV in my living room, so there's no impossibility that it's in my house. But to be honest with you, we have to first spec out the power and strength of PS3, and after we do that, we can start talking about it, so I can't promise anything at this point."

Itagaki said he wasn't "abandoning the style of Ninja Gaiden or Dead or Alive" in the game - and that he was "trying to incorporate the know-how that I've established" into Devil's Third.

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The title has been created by ex-Tecmo exec Itagaki's new studio, Valhalla.

Itagaki revealed in April that he needed "cigarettes, booze and gambling" to help get him through the development of a game.

Itagaki, who found critical acclaim with the Ninja Gaiden series, finally settled with former publisher Tecmo Koei in February after a long legal battle.

The developer sued his former employees for "unpaid completion bonuses" related to Dead or Alive 4.

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