Kinect playable in US MS stores

No need to wait until November, says Microsoft

Microsoft says if you want to get your hands on the new Kinect motion sensing gadget for Xbox 360, you needn't wait until it's out on November 4.

That's because the firm has set up playable Kinect stations in Microsoft Stores "nationwide", it confirmed via Twitter. By nationwide, they mean in ALL FOUR of the MS stores in The States, based in Scottsdale in Arizona, Mission Viejo and San Diego in California and Lone Tree in Colorado.

That means a fairly hefty interstate trek for most, but we suspect that for many of you the drive will be worth it for a sneak peak at the new gaming tech.

Or you could just watch this video to see what it's like, and read all about it here and save yourself hundreds of dollars in petrol. Sorry, 'gas'.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]