Beyond Good & Evil 2 'will take a while'

Creator Michel Ancel finally offers an update on illusive sequel

Beyond Good & Evil creator, Michel Ancel has finally offered an update on his illusive sequel, promising fans the project is still in production - though warning it will "take a while" to finish.

Speaking at the Montpellier in Game conference, Ancel explained that the reason we haven't seen anything of the sequel since 2008 is because it's being worked on by a very small development team.

He said: "He want to develop BGE2 with as little people as possible. It will have an interative Storyline with different outcomings and he want to make it perfect - so it will take a while."

Earlier this month Ubisoft denied rumours claiming that Ancel had departed the company, promising that his game is also still in production.

It's the second time the publisher's assured fans the game's still in the works, it just better be pretty frickin' amazing to justify all this toe tapping, if you ask us.