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Kinect to be demoed in Game, HMV

Microsoft motion control to be let loose in the UK

GAME and HMV will be demoing Microsoft's motion control Kinect in-store for the pleasure of the UK public.

There's little more than intent from the two retailers at the moment though.

"The key to Kinect and to getting customers is obviously all about demonstration," head of UK PR for Game, Neil Ashurst told TechRadar.

"So at the moment our focus is looking at ways of doing that. Beyond that we don't have any specific details at present."

The news comes after Microsoft announced it will have Kinect on display at its handful of retail stores in the US.

We brought you news earlier today that Microsoft have made Kinect available to the public in their stores across the US, but there was no mention of where the new tech could be found in the UK.

[ SOURCE: TechRadar ]