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CVG: The week's best comments

Some words make us laugh when put in a certain order...

It's the end of the week again and it's been a very solid effort from all of you, so go to the nearest reflective surface and give yourselves a smile each (only one each mind!).

Witty comments came right across the board in topics ranging from Kinect to the iPhone to (obviously) Privates.

Some of them weren't witty, but they still made us laugh all the same. Keep going in the comments section below.

Scrapping games tax break will save UK £190m - Government

£190 million? Isn't that the expected launch price for Kinect?
Ho, ho ho! Very sharp BeauBeau. Sharp but hopefully false.

Vagina game trailer hits the spot

God knows how the sperm got in there? As this is gonna be a flop! What a load of s**te!
Thanks for the solid pun MissSouthampton. Actually we think we should award a mention for all puns just once...

It sounds like the sort of game that you could just dip in and out of.
One for you Mark240473.

Cumming soon...unless you're a jaffer.
GlobalNightmare keeping up the mediocrity, thank-you kindly.

"Spunk on the radar" "AIDS"... OH MAN. This game looks the nuts
IbanezLewis mentions nuts so gets a mention.

Childish quips aside, and there are tons, but cum (see what I did there?) on fellas, this is an easy target, it actually looks a lot of fun to play.
captain savaloy! That was very nearly a serious post. You're very lucky you misspelled come. Just you watch it mister.

Apple: 'Hold your iPhone 4 differently'

"Ha ha, f**k off you self important c**k suckers."

Ooh...I love hangman!

Let me take a guess.

Fork off you self important cook suckers.
Squall5005 - Taking it to potty mouths with wit since just a bit ago.

Warren Spector: '3DS changed my life'

If it's over $300 it'll change my life too
Aw poor Aya. This is kind of funny but still...

Looks up... lol. Well I think we can see who earns money and who gets pocket money.
Alright boskersrevenge. Mr. Money Clip... Mr. "I've got money, I keep it in a clip and I'll let you know". Jeez.

I'd jizz in my pants.
That doesn't have to mean a change of life gothchild, only a change of pants.

I hate Nintendo, for all their inovation, they seem to release too many bloomin products, I'm sorry but I just don't havve the cash. Gameboy advance didnt last too long and we had DS, DS lite, DS big screen, 3DS etc etc, they seem to be taking Apple's approach to iPhone (flookin iPhone 4, are you serious??).

Concentrate on great games Nintendo and stop releasing endless supplies of updated hardware, I just don't have the cash. If 3DS is released, leave it alone, I don't want to have to purchase 3DS Force (that blows wind in your face) in two years.
starsail has so little will power the only way he can save money is by getting companies to cease production.

Molyneux: Wii, PS Move 'sort of the same'

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