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Dead Space 2

We ask Visceral all about Isaac's return...

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Have you written more plot beyond the end of Dead Space 2 - and will it form the basis of more sequels in future?
We'd love to make 100,000 Dead Spaces. I'll tell you that. That would be awesome. But, you know, in reality, the last thing we want to do is dilute our franchise.

We don't want to put games out there that people aren't anticipating and don't want. Again, we're focused on making Dead Space 2 as great as it can be.

If the community wants another one, we'll definitely be excited to do it. But right now, it's all about Dead Space 2.

The BAFTA Award-winning sound effects and music were a hallmark of the first game. How have you built on these in the second title?
The audio team did an incredible job in Dead Space 1. As with all areas, that team is really pushing itself for the second game. It's especially important for any game that's horror related to really connect with all the senses.


That's an area we took very seriously. Hearing enemies crawling around bends and almost hearing your level of fear come and go was very important to us. It ties in with the unique creature design. In Dead Space 2, we've learnt a lot - and we've hopefully improved on the first game.

Which platform are you leading development on?
We're doing that on, uh, PS-360.

Okay. Is that question still relevant?
Whether it's the PS3, the 360, the PC - every single one of those platforms matters to us. We have to make sure that each of them is as excellent as possible.

Hence, every developer on the team is playing the game on different things. Ultimately, there's no way we're going to short change any of our audience, whatever format they play on.

Some of the PC community felt slightly let down by the first game's controls, which were a bit 'juddery' and slow. Have you fixed this problem?
Yeah - we've heard that feedback. That's something we're focused on trying to improve. Not to sound snarky, but with Dead Space, honestly, the way we're playing it is with a gamepad. Even if you're a PC guy - if you have one - stick [your pad] in your PC and play the game with that.

That's the thing when we're working on it that we have every day and we have readily available. But this time out we have people dedicated on working to improve the controls for PC players.

Out of the box, we're hopeful the PC version this time will respond a lot better and that people will be a lot more comfortable and happier with the controls. That is feedback we've heard and we're certainly trying to address it.

How would you describe the new, more assertive, chattier Isaac?
He's still an engineer - and he's not an action hero or some shoot-'em-up wisecracking guy. Hopefully that came across in the previous game. He was much more stoic than that, obviously, not speaking. That's going to come out in the new game.


Maybe he's more of an introvert, I suppose. I can't wait to see what people think of him when they play and hear the voice and all that stuff. He's an interesting guy - and we're not going to make him into a cartoon character.

One of the most important things with lead characters in all of the best movies, games, books etc. Is that the main character has a flaw; something the audience can identify with. When you get to the point that the character is perfect, it's not believable, it's not relatable; quite honestly, it's not really cool.

Isaac is going to have those elements- but I can't go into detail just yet. I can say that people will think: 'Okay, this guy is a real dude.'

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