Dead Space franchise wont be 'diluted' - Visceral

Studio pledges to not over-stretch series with spin-offs

Dead Space creator Visceral has promised fans that it won't over-stretch the franchise with spin-offs and brand extensions.

The firm is readying Dead Space 2 for release on PS3, 360 and PC next year through EA.

It was announced at E3 that a port of Wii on-rails shooter Dead Space: Extraction will be bundled with the PS3 version.

However, speaking to CVG in a new interview, Visceral executive producer Steve Papoutsis said:

"We'd love to make 100,000 Dead Spaces. I'll tell you that. That would be awesome. But, you know, in reality, the last thing we want to do is dilute our franchise.

"We don't want to put games out there that people aren't anticipating and don't want. Again, we're focused on making Dead Space 2 as great as it can be.

"If the community wants another one, we'll definitely be excited to do it. But right now, it's all about Dead Space 2."

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