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MS: Wireless N 'keeps Xbox ahead of PS3'

250GB model's new functionality outstrips competition, says firm

Microsoft has claimed that the Wireless 'N' capability of its new 250GB Xbox 360 'Slim' will help keep its console "ahead of PS3".

After Microsoft announced its new system at E3 last week, CVG revealed that the model contained built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi under its hood.

MS told us that the function will improve streaming video on the system - which it said would be a key advantage over the competition.

When we asked Xbox product marketing manager Ryan Moore if the feature was important enough to put Xbox 360 ahead of PS3 in would-be consumers' minds, he replied:

"One of our main focuses is HD video and HD video over Xbox Live."

"Adding Wireless N makes it easier for consumers to get that HD content from Xbox Live into their living rooms and the best way to do that is with Wireless N. That was something we had to adopt to stay ahead of the competition."

CVG expects Sony to announce a similar function in its next upgrade of the PS3 hardware.

The firm may announce a new SKU at Gamescom in August.