Nintendo boss 'mistaken' about 3DS date

Nintendo Japan says America exec was wrong about 3DS release

When Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime told Jimmy Fallon that the Nintendo 3DS would arrive in 2011, we thought the only thing left to do was sit tight.

But now "sources" close to Nintendo's Japan headquarters have said that Fils-Aime made an error when he said the 3DS was coming next year.

That comes from Kotaku agents, but it's not the first time Reggie's pitched the 3DS for a 2011 release. He's already said that the handheld will be out worldwide by next March once.

That message was actually reiterated by Ninty Japan to Kotaku, just to keep things nice and confusing.

We've also had word from retailers who are expecting the 3DS this December in the UK.

So was Reggie right or wrong? It's all a blinding sand storm of dates at the moment. We reckon there's something in the wording and the way Fils-Aime keeps saying the 3DS will be "worldwide" by March 2011.

Can we expect the 3DS in Japan earlier maybe? Maybe everywhere but Botswana will get the handheld before March 2011? Who knows.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]