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Multiplayer Tetris is ten years in the making

Tetris creator working on better MP Tetris, promises "something really cool in the future"

A lot has happened in the past 10 years; two console generations, the introduction of high-definition, motion control and 3D, YouTube and Facebook. What's Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov been working on? Multiplayer Tetris, of course. And guess what - he's "not quite there yet".

Yes, in the time it's taken for World of Warcraft to launch and dominate the universe, and for Activision and Bungie to invent industry-defining multiplayer experiences in Call of Duty and Halo, Pajitnov has been crafting multiplayer Tetris games and admits he'd not yet happy with the results.

""We are working on multiplayer versions for more than 10 years -- I've been trying to design it. I should admit that we are not quite there yet," he said.

The real problem is that it's tough to look at what other players are doing, he explained. ""It was quite a problem with Tetris that... the game is very intense, you know? If you play on the high level -- and that's where you want to play usually. So, you play on the edge of your abilities, in terms of the speed and reaction, and everything. So, you kind of have no brain resources to observe what the other people are doing."

He went on: "That's the kind of measured theoretical problem which we need to resolve with multiplayer Tetris," although lowering the intensity of play to give players time to observe and react to opponents makes it boring, he said.

Pajitnov aims to make a Tetris MP mode that lets you work and react to your opponents. "That's what the main joy of a multiplayer game is, in my opinion," he said, promising "something really cool in the future".

Blimey. Forget Halo Reach.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]