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Final Fantasy Versus XIII story 'complete'

Director finalises script and character designs

Final Fantasy Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that the game's 'scenario' is complete.

Talking to Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation, Nomura implied that the story has now been put to bed.

He also said the same about the character designs and their respective wardrobes, which are designed by Roen.

Last month Square-Enix said that development on Final Fantasy Versus XIII was "progressing well" with producer Yoshinori Kitase saying, "We plan on showing it at the appropriate time. We have the FFXIII localisation and FFXIV, so I believe it will come after that."

Nomura has said that we can expect to see the finished character designs soon. The big money's on the Tokyo Game Show in September.

[ SOURCE: NovaCrystallis ]