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Kinect is 'the right move' for MS - Capcom

Even though it'll "upset a lot of users"

Microsoft's move into the family market with Kinect is one that "will upset a lot of users" but also is the right one to make according to Capcom's David Reeves.

The Capcom exec believes that by developing Kinect Microsoft has got the long-term in mind.

"If you map it out the Xbox 360 is right up in the corner and it has certain types of games associated with it," he told

"And Microsoft knows that in ten years time they can't be there, they have to be appealing to families."

"I reckon that strategically it's absolutely the right move. It's almost like two steps back and one step forward. They are right to separate Kinect from everything else."

"If you look at the industry over the past five years and ask yourself where has the money been made, it's been made on Wii Fit, Brain Training, SingStar, even Guitar Hero," he continued.

"And then on the other side you've got the Activision and EA hardcore titles. They're in a box. Publishers don't want to give up their core values but they need to reach out to this wider market."

"They've got to do it to make that move before they bring out the new systems. I think long-term it's the right move but they realise they're going to upset a lot of users."

There has been some concern within the industry about Sony and Microsoft's move into motion control.

Activision in particular had reservations about whether people would take up the new tech if prices seemed unreasonable.

A recent report from an EEDAR analyst also suggests that purchasing intent for Kinect and Move is 'relatively low'.

Time will tell.