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Shaun White Skateboarding release date confirmed

Skateboarding brought to you by a snowboarder

Ubisoft has revealed that Shaun White Skateboarding will hit the streets on October 1 for the PS3, Wii, 360 and the PC.

Announced in March, interesting gameplay mechanics make the game look a bit like a cross between de Blob and Flower.

Shaun is tasked with skating around environments that are devoid of life to rejuvenate them, streets are brightened, trees bloom and people smile when Shaun White skates the streets.

Objects can also be bent using the analogue stick to create a new custom skate line.

Have a look at the Shaun White Skateboarding trailer to see what that would look like in real life.

Although the game seems like an attempt to get in on the Tony Hawk/Skate market it seems to have introduced its own twist.

What do you guys think? Should Shaun White stick to snowboarding?