Two more Portal 2 E3 gameplay videos

Excursion Tunnel and Aerial Faith Plate shown

Valve's thrown out parts two and three of its seven-part series of Portal 2 gameplay videos that show the demo E3 attendees were treated to earlier this month.

Part one here introduces you to one of the game's new characters, the hilarious Wheatley - a Personality Sphere.

Part 2 below shows off the new Excursion Funnel - basically a beam of energy that transports you through the air as though weightless. You can manipulate the beam with portals too of course, and you'll see how that's going to melt your brain when Portal 2 arrives next year on PC, PS3 and 360.

The third video below that demos the Aerial Faith Plate - a metal plate in the ground that launches you high through the air the moment you or anything else touches it.

This video is no longer available

This video is no longer available