Saints Row 3DS called 'Drive By', coming to XBLA

Handheld game 'isn't a risk' like Chinatown Wars, says THQ

THQ's just-announced Saints Row game for Nintendo 3DS is called 'Saints Row: Drive By' and will also see a release on Xbox Live Arcade.

Core games VP, Danny Bilson told CVG that both pint-sized versions and Saints Row 3 will unlock content in their opposite number.

He said: "Nintendo particularly wanted an 'M' rated game for 3DS's launch. We had it in production - we were doing a 3D version on XBL of Saint's Row: Drive By.

"We haven't announced any of this yet, exactly. But it's all part of the plan leading to Saint's Row 3, and all of the games connect. So if you play one it unlocks stuff in the big game and back and forth and all that stuff."

Bilson said that with the 3DS version the publisher's essentially adapting "something we're already building".

"This isn't a big risk like ChinaTown Wars for us. Also, Nintendo is really going to market to the core with that device," he said.

These "multi-faceted mini-games" will be part of THQ's strategy going forward, the exec told CVG, with promising action game, Red Faction: Armageddon also seeing an XBLA release.