More Dante's Inferno 2 hints dropped

Visceral ad mentions "sequel to a major new IP"

More hints that Dante's Inferno 2 is in the works have appeared, via a second job posting at Visceral Games.

The job description is looking to recruit for a "sequel to a major new IP at the award-winning Visceral Games, creators of Dead Space and Dante's Inferno".

Considering Visceral is already head-and-shoulders in the middle of Dead Space 2 production, the only other 'new IP' sequel it could possibly be working on is Dante's Inferno 2, right?

This is of course the second job posting suggesting the existence of Dante's Inferno 2, but as of yet the game has not been confirmed.

It's a peculiar development, because earlier this year Visceral went on record that it has no plans to work on a follow-up, and we're interested to know where it'd take the game next, to be honest (Heaven?)

"I've read the entire divine comedy and I've given it some thought, but there are no plans," producer Jonathan Knight told The Escapist earlier this year.

Maybe decent Dante's Inferno reviews changed EA's mind?

[ SOURCE: EA Jobs ]