Saints Row 3 'differentiating even further from GTA'

New game will be "less urban" and definitely not "gansta", reveals boss

Saints Row 3 will differentiate from the GTA series "even further", THQ's Danny Bilson has revealed.

The third game in the open-world series will be "less urban" and "definitely not about 'gangsta'", the core games VP told CVG at E3.

"We don't compete with GTA. We're differentiating even further with GTA with this one," Bilson said. "The new Saint's Row will be less urban - it's definitely not about 'gangsta' anymore at all. And it's more fun and almost sillier and wackier and weirder than the other one."

He digressed: "I love GTA - especially the last one, which knocked my socks off. That's almost like a Martin Scorsese cartoon, right? We are more like the Mad Magazine version of that or something. It's colourful, it's wild, it's fun.

"The only thing it has in common with GTA is open world, tonnes of options for the player and a certain amount of crime. But even in the new game, it's not exactly like that either. There are new gangs in a new world and it's not just about criminals."

Speaking at E3 this month , Bilson revealed "the most robust transmedia play on any game ever done," including plans to release a Saints Row movie.

The exec said the reason the third game skipped the Los Angeles show was in order to spend another year "rebuilding the technology."

This morning headlines also hit the net that Nintendo 3DS spin-off, 'Drive By' will see a release on Xbox Live Arcade - and the pint-size version will unlock content in the upcoming threequel.

We're looking forward to seeing this. Are you?