Force Unleashed might translate to TV, movies

Team hoping characters make it into Lucasfilm projects, says Producer

LucasArts hopes to see characters and plot lines from The Force Unleashed make the transition to the small and big screen in the future, says exec producer Haden Blackman.

The Force Unleashed series - in case you're not a massive Star Wars nerd - fleshes out a time period previously unexplored in the George Lucas films. With a TV series currently in the works, Blackman has his fingers crossed that his characters will make an appearance...


"I hope so, we're already seeing it reach out into publishing with comic books and novels that are taking into account stories we've created and characters we've created," he told CVG. "Hopefully some day we see these characters on big or little screen.

"We're dealing in a period of time that has largely been unexplored by anything," he said. "Force Unleashed was the first major story we set in that time period. I think we surprised a lot of fans with that story because we showed the formation of the Rebel Alliance and introduce the concept of the dark secret apprentice".

Blackman told us it's "pretty exciting" to be contributing to the rich Star Wars universe in such as way: "[Lucasfilm has] been really great about letting us do what we need to do to make the best game possible and tell the best story."

See The Force Unleashed 2 in action via this bonkers Force Unleashed 2 trailer. It's out on October 26.