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Your voice won't suck in Rock Band 3

iZotope pitch correction tech on board to help you out

Audio signal processing company iZotope has signed a deal to provide pitch correction technology to Harmonix for Rock Band 3.

That means your usually brain-scraping off-tone bellowing will be converted into something at least mildly audible by the game before it's pumped through the speakers, making everyone's experience that little bit better.

"Using iZotope's real-time pitch detection and pitch shifting middleware, Rock Band 3 provides players with the option to enable vocal effects commonly used in the music industry, assisting players to sing on key more easily with pitch correction and bringing the tools that pros use into the living room," says the PR.

Mark Ethier, CEO of iZotope said: "With the production values of video games rivaling that of commercial albums and blockbuster films, consumers expect the same caliber of video and audio quality during dynamic, real-time game play.

"Rock Band is an ideal platform for us to showcase iZotope's technology so we can provide gamers with studio-grade audio effects that professional mixers, sound designers and others in the entertainment industry have relied on for years."

The new game, scheduled for this Christmas in the States on PS3, 360 and Wii, expands the virtual band to seven instruments; drums, lead and bass guitar, lead vocals, two harmony vocals and yes - a keyboard.