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Singularity review - 80% in XBW

A decent shooter with little originality, reads first verdict

After a week of tapping our watches waiting for review code, the first Singularity review has finally arrived - and it's not rubbish.

In its online review, Xbox World 360 calls the game - which was released last weekend - a "decent shooter with smart time powers and enough atmosphere to keep you hooked for the duration," although apparently it's not very original.

"Too many games try hard to be smart and end up looking, well, a bit silly. Whether by happy accident or clever design, Singularity is a very gamey game," XBW says.

Hit the link for the full Singularity game review. And pick up of a copy of Xbox World 360 mag online here.

For those of you who went in blind and picked up the game last week, what do you think?