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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days demo hits Live

...but you need to sign up to the website to play it

A playable demo for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days has arrived on Xbox Live, but you can't just go on and download it.

You need to enter a code, and you can only get that by signing up for the official K&L website (source link) - that's one effective way of dragging people through promotional sites.

If/when you eventually manage/bother to get into the demo, you'll be treated to a taster of the single-player campaign with shootouts in the streets of Shanghai, try out the single-player arcade mode and have a go in multiplayer modes 'Undecover Cops' and 'Cops & Robbers'.

Of course if you got your code already from our friends over at GamesRadar, you can now dive and have a blast.

[ SOURCE: Official site ]