No Kinect price 'this late is surprising' - THQ

THQ's Danny Bilson confident that MS will find the right price point for its motion-sensing device

Danny Bilson, THQ's Core Games VP, says he's "surprised" that, despite much speculation, Microsoft is yet to reveal an official price for Kinect, which is due out on November 4 (in US).

Speaking of MS' silence on a Kinect price, Bilson said: "I think, this late, it's a little surprising," going on to acknowledge the general reaction to the $149.99 rumours so far. "All I know is what everybody else knows, is that GameStop had it at $149. Everyone goes, 'wow, that's expensive'," he said.

The most recent shot the price came from retailer ShopTo, who pinned Kinect for £129.99 for a UK release of November 19. The official MS Store even slapped a $149 price on the device, before calling it a "placeholder" price.

" I don't know anything about the pricing," said Bilson, adding: "All I know about Microsoft is they're really smart guys run by a really smart guy, and I think they'll find the right price point and the right way to make that work."

[ SOURCE: Industry Gamers ]