Free DualShock stick grips with PSM3 Magazine!

Get enhanced grip and precision courtesy of the UK's best PS3 magazine

Look, we'll do pretty much anything to get the edge over our 'friends' in a heated game of FIFA World Cup, SSFIV, or COD: Modern Warfare 2, but when an arm jab and deafening shout of 'LOOK! No, seriously, look over there!' fails to distract - or leads to violent reprisals - you might want to consider an altogether safer alternative; namely, the free DualShock pad grips with the latest issue of PSM3. The what now? Let us explain...

Simply, these little rubber caps pop snugly over your PS3's analogue sticks to provide superior grip and precision - available in two different designs: 1) Dimpled, for enhanced feel (good for shooters) and 2) d-pad style, for enhanced precision (great for beat-em-ups).

The dimpled version of the Analogue stick grips are, er, grippier, and feel nice.

Attention cack-handed malcontents
Ok, look, they're not going to turn you from a shameful noob into a triple-Prestige COD-killer, or from Division 10 whipping boy into Division One FIFA World Cup champion, just by clipping them on*, but every little helps.

* Actual skill required

How much are these little rubber 'beauts, as they never say in Australia? Here's the good news - FREE with the latest issue of PSM3, featuring MGS Rising, a 56 page E3 preview special, plus a dual-side DVD packed with HD PS3 trailers. The mag's £4.99 at all good newsagents, but if you don't to miss out, you can order the latest issue by clicking here, and have it delivered to your house at no extra cost i.e. it's still only £4.99. Bargain.

Simple. As you were.

Have a great day,