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CVG: The week's best comments

Comments have never been so entertaining

You came up with some solid commentary on this week's world of gaming. You also managed to be funny every now and then. Thanks for that.

You covered everything from PES to Halo to PlayStation Home. Sometimes your comedy was intentional, sometimes it was unintentional but made us snigger anyway.

Keep talking in the usual places.

PES 2011's goal is 'to win back hardcore'

There's only 1 game for the hardcore!

It's on iPhone / iPod, and it's called World Soccer Champs 2010!
Ha ha ha good one eltonbird...You're joking right?

Sorry, but the official licenses of FIFA make all the difference. Even if the two games were equal in every other way, I'd choose FIFA because of the official teams.
Perfectly reasonable Paranoimia, because in your scenario licenses would be the only thing separating the two.

'PlayStation Home is a success,' says director

Swings and Roundabouts really...personally I can't stand the amount of attention my hot male avatar gets from all the gamer girls actually go on it you say?...still...
Still what NaththeNarc? Who's giving you attention if it isn't the girls?

harassing MrPirtniw wifes avatar , thats worth a good couple of minutes in anyones book.
Ha that is so right martinawatson! That's...Oh crap shut up, MrPirtniw's back from the loo!

MS: 'Xbox continues to outsell PS3'

well there's 1 more new 360 redesign sold in the uk on launch from me. so add an extra digit on the sale figures.
A HERO EMERGES will be contacting MS as soon as he buys a new 360 so it can update its stats immediately.

MS hiring for new Halo game

milking a dead cow is bad for everyone, you feel sick for doing it, and it tastes bad for everyone who buys it.
That's great rogueybear but what about Halo?

Four new Pokémon unveiled

What are they called?

Scribbler, toosmalltosee, and isthiswhattheycallpromotionthesedays?
Karis has a hint of Simon Cowell here.

these new pokemon have no class, none of them f**k with charmander.
pmantis manages to make Pokemon sound like a Guy Ritchie film.

64% of gamers prefer physical copies - Survey

Physical all the way and it has nothing to do with trading things in because I never buy second hand and I never trade in.

Purely the fact that I like owning something.
bazzatuk just likes owning one thing.

64% of the people quizzed had a brain while the other 36% were retards
Mmmmgrolsch takes a massive and tenuous analytical leap.

I prefer my games like ladies nipples. HARD!
And reflective on one side shellster2?

Mortal Kombat 2011 gameplay video leaked

Neva been a fan of the MK (even the first 2) series but this looks like a return to form.
But in your eyes thelazyone surely that wouldn't be a return to form at all?

PlayStation Home gets personal pool tables

Can you take virtual chicks back and do them over the.... no, no no i'm not even going to go there!
You kind of already did budge. You kind of already did.

Your voice won't suck in Rock Band 3

My voice will break it. I'm sure of it. That or I'll give it a fecking good go at breaking it!
G_R7 just takes his stuff home and tries really hard to break it.