The Best PS3 3D games

Gaming essentials for the PS3 3D revolution

Although Nintendo's 3DS was the highlight of E3 2010, it's Sony that's really pushing the third dimension.

Just as the Blu-ray disc became the industry standard, Sony now wants to make sure PS3 3D is the next step in gaming technology and beyond.

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The battle has already begun: Not only did the PlayStation 3 get a 3D firmware update near the beginning of June, with a selection of existing titles getting a 3D make-over via the PlayStation Network, but Sony has already started to churn out 3D TVs as well, with new models in its Bravia range.

But that's just the beginning; those PSN patches are more demonstrations of Sony's take on 3D tech than anything.

There are plenty of titles readying to take on the 3D challenge and some of them are massive. The mind-blowing show-stoppers are nearly ready - and here's what you need to look out for:


Let's start with a classic. WipEout HD came to the PlayStation Network in September 2008 as an already spruced-up version of the original classic. The reason people were crying out for a PS3 version of WipEout is the same reason the futuristic, hovercraft racer is probably the most anticipated of the initial 3D titles: The visual inventiveness of WipEout was what made the game stand out from the crowd.

With wisps of neon shooting down a techno light track, the sense of speed was heightened. In 3D, when those wisps flick out of the screen and the long noses of the WipEout hovercrafts stretching down the track, the two effects should compliment each other wonderfully.

Even more compelling is the fact that WipEout HD is bundled with Sony's 3D Bravia TVs - along with the likes of Motorstorm Pacific Rift and Pain - just to take the edge off that initial 3D TV price-tag.


Killzone 3 was one of the games to get a nice big chunk of screen time as part of Sony's PS3 3D showcase at E3.

The bleak futuristic FPS is clearly a flagship for PS3 3D gaming in the platform holder's eyes and so it should be; Killzone 2 may have come under criticism for lacking variety, but it had real graphical clout and atmosphere with the haunting red eyes of the enemy Helghast peering out across the battlefield.

Killzone 3 was met with applause at E3 when the audience donned their 3D glasses and witnessed the jet packing section of in-flight combat. It's just one of the many new features Guerrilla has thrown into the series to add new gameplay dynamics and variety.

Bigger guns and more melee options will all enhance the game's explosiveness, but it's a new focus on larger battle areas and big open spaces that excited us the most. With the added depth provided by stereoscopic 3D, the detailed environments will look even richer.


Motorstorm has always run on a different kind of fuel. Break-neck speeds, off-road madness and insane crashes make this series more about extreme sports than straight up racing.

With mud flying at the camera along with scraps of metal, wheels and the occasional fire-ball, it doesn't take a great deal of imagination to visualise what kind of killer experience Motorstorm in 3D might be.

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