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But wait, because Motorstorm Apocalypse promises even more. This time developer Evolution has gone a little bit mad and decided to create probably the most extreme sport ever.

It's 'urban off-road racing' - with the aim of finding the biggest earthquake you can and racing right through it, while a towering city collapses around you.

The effect is impressive. Power sliding past opponents only to see a sky-scraper crumble into your path fills your field of vision with dust and debris. It's an intense experience. If Evolution had decided to steer-clear of 3D for this one, we wouldn't have found it easy to forgive them.


When developer Crytek said that Crysis 2 on PS3 "looked impossible" during stages of development, you began to understand just how much graphical juice this staggeringly beautiful FPS needed.

But Crysis 2 is set to debut on PS3 and in full 3D, putting the nanosuit-clad player in the urban jungle of Manhattan. You only need to have a quick look at some of the recent gameplay videos to realise just how much of an impact this new environment has.

As always with Crytek, the beauty is in the detail. Maybe it's the sheets of sunlight that stream between skyscrapers and wash the concrete in perfectly defined patches, or the way the walls of Grand Central Station splinter and burst as a giant mech enemy smashes through.

Whatever it is that sets Crysis apart in the FPS world, Crysis 2 looks set to become one of the most intense and technologically impressive shooters to hit the PS3 - or indeed any console - this year.


When Gran Turismo first hit the PlayStation it was thought of as the definitive racing sim. With more cars than a child's toy box, GT offered a staggering amount of models, everything from Honda Accords to Aston Martin DB7s.

But the most impressive bit was the incredible likeness each car had to its real life counterpart. The Gran Turismo series has set the graphical standard for racers - and maybe even the world of video games as a whole - ever since.

Gran Turismo 5 has spent years in the making, but it will all pay off on release day. The racer promises almost photo-realistic renders of a massive range of cars from the slickest wheels around all the way down to the humble Kia.

With such a high graphical standard throughout the GT series you'd be forgiven for wondering how developer Polyphony Digital could possibly up the ante in an age of increasingly competitive visuals.

3D is the answer. It seems like the only way Gran Turismo could become any more visually convincing. With already pristine HD graphics, players will be dragged in even further with incredible depth on their 3D TVs.

Gran Turismo 5 threatens to do 3D presentation better than any other game in its class. It may come as a surprise to find out that Gran Turismo 5 3D has been ready for two years.

Not only that, but because GT5 runs at 60 frames per second as opposed to 30, it was apparently "easy" for Polyphony to implement the 3D visuals.

Gran Turismo has revolutionised computer graphics from its very beginning. There's no reason why it won't do the same for PS3 3D as the next step in visual wizardry when it is released this November.

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