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Mortal Kombat 'as M-rated as it's ever been' - Dev

Anatomically correct entrails, you say?

Mortal Kombat will be focusing on good old fashioned over the top violence when it comes in 2011, according to series co-creator Ed Boon.

Boon told US mag, EGM: "We're going to be as M-rated as we've ever been." Good stuff.

"Mortal Kombat is known for and associated with violence, and we're definitely going back to that," he said.

How is Boon going doing this? It's the little things, according to EGM, with the MK team working on all the minute details both inside and out:

"The developers are actually modelling the insides of each character, from brains to bowels," says the mag.

"When you cut somebody in half, rip their arms off, or otherwise dismember them you will see their realistically rendered insides as they come spilling out of their body." Lovely, we can't wait to show the missus.

"Eyes are gouged from their sockets, faces are disfigured, and limbs are torn asunder," it adds.

You can kind of see some of the high-level gore in the handy-cam Mortal Kombat gameplay footage that was leaked last week.

Have a look at the official trailer if you want something more shiny.