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Dead Space 2 'mystery exclusive' next month

PSM3 teases surprise for next issue

A Dead Space 2 "mystery exclusive" is promised for the next issue of PSM 3 magazine.

That's according to the mag's current next month page, which makes the promise alongside a giant scrawl of unitoligy script from the game, which we've translated to "PSM3 braves the Church of Unitology."

The Church of Unitology is of course a area in the upcoming horror sequel, but we already know from other magazines' teaser pages that print press will be getting hands-on time with the follow-up for their next issues.

What could the 'mystery' part of the hands-on session be then? We're definitely thinking multiplayer.


EA's kept quiet on the mysterious online mode ever sense it promised it will "surprise and excite" Dead Space fans, and it's definitely about time for a reveal.

PSM 3 issue 130 is due out on August 2. You can purchase its current issue - which includes a bumper E3 blowout - online now.