Team Fortress 2: Engineer update kicks off

Day one unveils Frontier Justice shotgun

Valve's kicked off the bizarre festivities of Team Fortress 2's Engineer update.

The developer's tasked players with crafting sparkly in-game 'golden wrenches', spawned at random each time a TF2 player creates an item.


There are only 100 golden wrenches waiting to be forged in the game, says Valve, and as a reward for TF2 players' hard work (and time wasted not shooting people) the Half-Life house will reveal a new Engineer goodie for every 25 wrenches made.

So far TF2 players have cleared the first 25, which has lead to the unveiling of a brand new Engineer weapon; the Frontier Justice shotgun.

The Frontier replaces the normal shotgun and has a 50% smaller clip size and no random critical hits. That sounds a bit rubbish, but the up side is for every poor git an engineer dispatches with one of his or her sentry turrets, he'll get two "revenge crits" for the shotgun. Which is good.

There you are then. We fully expect even more mental items to be shown off once the TF2 community's done crafting.

[ SOURCE: TF2 Blog ]