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Fable III

Peter Molyneux shines a light on the return to Albion...

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I will tell you I don't want it to be some crass mini-game where you jump around and kick chickens. I want it to be a meaningful part of the Fable world, but the balance of that is to make sure that you never want people to have to have Kinect to play it. I love the technology, I think it's really cool, I think sitting back and playing with your controller and then accessing Kinect as you do that just gives you cool stuff.

We didn't get to see Milo at E3 this year. Does it still exist?
Yes it sill exists, absolutely. In fact people are seeing it as we speak now; we're just not showing it to the press. There's a very interesting reason but I can't tell you why.

I promise you it is ten times more amazing than you would expect it to be. What I showed in Milo was just a tech demo, I think everyone asked: 'Well that was pretty fascinating but what does it mean? It's only when you actually see it in its entirety and actually play it...


Returning to Fable and Kinect, you said you're still messing around with ideas...
Not so much's very hard to answer that directly. The only thing I'd say is if you look at that presentation of Kinect at E3 and thought could Fable fit into that presentation, I'm not sure quite it does. I think it suffers from being a mature game so how does that fit into [Microsoft's family-orientated Kinect presentation]?

Don't think of it as what it is and what it is not. We have Kinect and we have Fable, and we'll bring the two together.

Are you done with development on Fable III?
This is going to be released on PC and 360, they're going to be very close, 360 first though, a matter of days afterwards will be the PC version.

We are on the 26th of October, so the phase we're in now, there are about 35,000 bugs to do, but yeah that's where we stand, no features to add, just bugs.

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