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3DS release date on an 'estimate'

Retailer plays down significance of recent posting

Online retailer has said its widely-reported date for 3DS software (and thus, the release of the console itself) was just an "estimate".

According to the retailer's site, the Nintendo 3DS Dragon Ball title will be released on November 19, 2010. You can't have a game without a console, so that's presumably when Play expects 3DS to launch, too.

But Play's told Eurogamer that it simply "heard that's the estimated release date". Where it 'heard' that from it wouldn't say, but considering the only other 3DS game it dated was Gundam, for March 25, 2011, the nod could have come from the publisher of those games, Namco Bandai.

It's worth noting that the November date sits in line with statements from a high ranking sources close to retail who suggested the handheld would be released by Christmas in the UK.

[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]