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SFIV series ending at Super - Capcom

SFIV producer says he's done with series for now

Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV producer, Yoshinori Ono has said that as far as he's concerned the Street Fighter IV series of games ends with Super.

When asked in a Famitsu interview about the progress of the arcade port of SSFIV, Ono detailed plans to balance and tweak characters for the arcade release.

However he wasn't as concerned with rolling these changes back into the home versions.

"For me, the IV series ends with Super SFIV," he said. "We want both Super SFIVs to be played for a long time, so we'll listen to feedback after the arcade version is released to determine if players want the home version updated."

Although a fighting game can probably never be 100% balanced, fans always welcome the idea of tweaks to their favorite fighting games. With such a vocal fighting game scene around Street Fighter IV it's almost certain there will be a lot of feedback after the arcade release.

Capcom recently teased a big announcement which is scheduled for tomorrow, and Yoshinori Ono also tweeted that SFIV was 'nothing' compared to his new project. Fun times ahead for Capcom fans.

[ SOURCE: Famitsu (via Andriasang) ]