Rockstar to re-release GTA: Vice City?

Tommy Vercetti may be making a comeback

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City may be getting a re-release if a rating by the Australian Classification Board is any indication.

A listing for GTA: Vice City appeared yesterday and details a 'modified' version of Rockstar's most distinctive GTA title.

Although Australia is known for its tight restrictions on mature games such as GTA the game did originally receive a release there, so this title is sure to be something new.


While a PlayStation Network and XBLA release may be the safe bet an iPhone release may also be a possibility, currently GTA: Chinatown Wars is available on the app store.

THQ announced it would be doing a Saints Row game for the Nintendo 3DS, maybe Rockstar are following their lead and bringing GTA to the 3D handheld.

What platform would you like to see GTA: Vice City come to?

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]