Metal Gear Solid 3DS could feature Co-Ops

Kojima wants to use Peace Walker features...

Metal Gear Solid 3DS could feature elements from his recent PSP game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker according to Hideo Kojima.

Kojima recently admitted that the E3 demo of Metal Gear Solid: The Snake Eater 3D was just an experimental sample and while he says he doesnt know what direction the game will take from here, he is considering many options.

I did handle direction work on the E3 demo, but where I go from here hasnt been decided yet, Kojima told 1Up. For a full-size game, just having things pop out at the player all the time will get old fast, so I think the emphasis will be on visual depth instead. We havent settled on the details yet, but Id like to get Co-Ops and some of the other things we did in Peace Walker into this game as well.

In Peace Walker players could team up with one other person in main missions and there were four-player boss missions. However, while the game may feature new elements, Kojima said that the story will remain the same.

We cant change MGS3ńs story, but we are thinking about Co-Ops and other things we can use the 3D technology for.

With the direction of the game still to be decided, Kojima doesnt think Metal Gear will be a 3DS launch game. Nothings been decided at all yet. I dont think well be able to make it a launch title, but if we dont at least stick close to launch, well lose a lot of product value... I think we need to get it out by then (year within launch). Thats why I want to get more people to try it out. Showing a trailer really just isnt enough itd be nice if Nintendo organizes some kind of public demo event.