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What Women Want (in games)

One in three UK women say they are gamers

Around a third of UK women classify themselves as gamers according to the new European Gaming Survey, but
a new survey from the University of Ghent in Belgium - has also revealed what women want from gaming.

"Girls like to game, but games are not well tuned to their interests," says the report's author Lotte Vermeulen, who talked to over 983 gamers to find out more about female gaming habits.

Perhaps surprisingly, the survey concluded that women don't mind violence, as long as it tends to be more funny rather than realistic and women also proved to be quite competitive gamers, though not in the frag-a-friend way, preferring 'achieving goals and making progress in the game'.

"Competing with friends through movements in so-called party games appeals even more strongly to women than to men," continues the report, which we've no doubts about whatsoever.

No chap who's ever inadvertently interrupted a bunch of Lambrini-sozzled women in full-on party mode (a truly terrifying experience) could ever doubt this to be the case.

Further conclusions? Well the report says social contact is one of the least strong motivations for women to play, while it's a primary consideration for men.

Yet the type of gaming experiences women are strongly motivated by are games where there is "a possibility to choose their own assignments and to explore freely. Exploring also includes performing other activities (side-quests) in addition to the main game objective."

The report concludes "Other factors that strongly appeal to women are freedom and control, challenge, competition and immersion," and that, "Women like to hang around in beautiful and rich environments and they prefer game worlds in sharp and bright colours to darker settings."

So now you know what motivates our gaming sisters, perhaps it'll be a little easier to share the gaming love.

[ SOURCE: The Register ]