MS: Rumble control respect is 'laughable'

Kudo Tsunoda plays down haptic technology, talks up Kinect

General manager of Microsoft Game Studios Kudo Tsunoda has dismissed rumble technology in game controllers as "rudimentary" - and claimed that Kinect has gone "way past" the user experience it offers.

In an interview with Edge, Tsunoda said the freedom for natural movement with Kinect was a superior experience to a vibrating controller.

"In many of the games we have, people will crash a vehicle and they'll go totally like this [mimes dodging out of the way]!

"And even people playing games with a controller, there's always people doing this [mimes driving motion]. They want to be moving. There's natural movements and reactions involved. I've never seen someone doing that from rumble. It's the audiovisual stuff."

Not one to keep his feelings hidden, Kudo went on to outright dismiss the importance of rumble and mock the sentiment that rumble is still important in games. Naturally he believes that Kinect far surpasses anything that rumble has to offer.

"The overwhelming thing we've discovered is that rumble is such a rudimentary form of haptic feedback. It's not like a little rumble in your palm is your whole way of interacting with the world - it's not like, oh, I stubbed my toe and I get a little rumble in my palm."

"It's almost laughable the way people hold on to rumble as the holy grail of haptic feedback. We've gone so far past anything that can be done with rumble, or that kind of restrictive thing you have to hold. It's been creatively liberating to work on this stuff."

The comments are very reminiscent of former Sony worldwide studios boss Phil Harrison - who called rumble 'last-gen' technology when it was revealed that the Six-Axis would not feature it.

Sony has since released a rumble controller, of course - the DualShock, which is was free to create after settling a lawsuit with peripherals dev Immersion.

[ SOURCE: Edge ]