TWO PS3 3D Firmware updates coming

3D Blu-ray upgrade will be here in September

Sony has revealed that PS3 owners will be getting two new 3D Firmware upgrades this year - with the first, Blu-ray related fix in September.

The news was revealed by SCEE big cheese Mick Hocking at a presentation this morning - handily presented by CVG in full through here.

"In September this year, we're launching another Firmware upgrade - and this one is going to upgrade the PS3 to support Blu-ray movies in 3D," said Hocking.

"Again, you won't have to do anything - just connect your PS3. For the film market that's a very significant event.

"Then later in the year - we're not going to date it yet - the PS3 is going to support 3D photos. Of course the popularity of 3D isn't just going to come from movies and games. There's 3D cameras on the market, there's 3D camcorders coming on the market in the next 12 months as well, and 3D broadcasts.

"Crucially for us, PlayStation 3 will be able to store all types of 3D content. And we can do this through properly upgrading the Firmware on the platform."

Sony's first piece of 3D Firmware for PS3 was released last month.