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3DS capable of 'console-level quality games' - Dev

Head of Griptonite Games says 3DS is exciting for developers

3DS is capable of "console-level quality games", and developers see it as "an opportunity to bring something special back to the gamers".

That's according to JC Connors, studio head at Griptonite Games, which is one of the first studios to jump on 3DS support. "I think the third-party publishers are taking this a lot more seriously," he told Gamasutra.

"You know, a lot of the casual games that really bombarded the DS marketplace have now moved onto other platforms like the iPhone, so I think everyone looks at this as an opportunity to kind of bring something special back to the gamers," he said, remembering the tough times publishers have had selling games on the current DS.

"Everyone looked at the 3DS with just how powerful it was, and the new features, the analog stick and the 3D, as an opportunity to bring almost console-level quality games to this handheld because they could," added Connors. "On the DS, you really couldn't.

"And that's something that we've learned over the last six months. You can't treat this machine as just a DS plus. "You almost have to treat it like a console, because many of the things it can do are things that consoles can do. So, you know, why not bring a more 'gamer' experience to that platform, if it can do really well with it?"

Publishers will also certainly be hoping that the 3DS fixes Nintendo's handheld piracy problem as well as THQ says it will.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]