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Kinect banned in China

China law blocks sale of motion device along with the console itself

Microsoft will not be allowed to legally sell its upcoming motion control device Kinect in China because of a law that also blocks the sale of the Xbox 360 itself in the country.

Microsoft China COO Michel Van Der Be confirmed that the new device will be the latest in a string of gaming hardware to be banned in accordance with China's Ministry of Culture edict issued in 2000, which prohibits the sale of video game equipment and accessories, according to report (via Gamasutra).

As Gama notes, there's still a significant underground market for consoles in China, in which the Xbox has been said to be leading in the current generation.

MS hasn't said it whether or not it will appeal against the ban, but Van Der Be says the firm will obey local law.

Kinect will be out in more gaming-friendly territories this side of the planet on November 4.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]