Sonic Colours power-up outed

It's called the Orange Wisp

This isn't the Sonic franchise changing news you may be searching for for but those looking forward to Sonic Colours will be pleased to learn that the hedgehog has another new power-up at his disposal. It's called the Orange Wisp and it will give Sonic rocket power.

When Sonic absorbs the Orange Wisp he will blast into the air with an explosion of colour. This will enable him to reach secret areas and hidden rings beyond his normal reach as he travels through the air at unbelievable pace.


The orange wisp is just one of three wisps to have been revealed so far. Blue Wisps give Sonic a laser ability which enables him to ricochet off walls while Yellow Wisps allow him to drill beneath the ground. Does that remind you of another platform hero's power-up?

Sonic Colours is coming to the Wii and DS at the end of the year and it's being described as Sonic Unleashed with all the rubbish Werehog bits taken out. As Sega's Marcella Churchill said last month, "We've basically taken the best levels of daytime Sonic Unleashed which is what fans have been asking for and brought you a whole new game."

As for that franchise-changing news, look out for that later on in the week.