APB dev promises shooting and driving overhaul

RealTime Worlds to address review complaints

RealTime Worlds has announced that it is to give the driving and shooting sections in APB an overhaul.

The Scottish firm said this afternoon that it was making efforts to make the vehicle sections "less slippy".

In a huge list of improvements, RTW also pledged that it would be "looking at almost every aspect of combat".

Although being widely applauded for its bold take on the MMO genre - and industry-leading customisable aspects - APB suffered from mixed reviews.

'Over the last number of months, through closed beta and then KttC, we've collected a huge number of issues, complaints, suggestions and requests covering all aspects of the game," RTW man Neil Castle explained on the game's official website.

'Because of the focus on getting the game stable and going through the process of launch, many of these (especially the ones requiring significant changes) may appear to have fallen through the cracks. But they didn't - they''ve been sitting in our rather copious 'to do' list, waiting for us to have the time to begin to address them properly. We also wanted to get a chance to contrast the feedback from new live players with the feedback from the beta community to help us draw up.'

The full list of improvements described by RTW reads:

Cheaters: Catching and removing cheaters from the game remains our top priority. Expect further news on this soon.

Vehicle handling: We're already underway on a major overhaul to vehicle handling to make cars more responsive and less slippy overall. You'll still be able to power slide around corners in stylish fashion, but steering is more responsive overall and easier to get the hang of early on.

Combat: We're looking at almost every aspect of combat - how it looks, feels and sounds, as well as weapon characteristics and tactics. Weapon changes will be put up on the Public Test World to get some feedback in due course.

Matchmaking: We're taking a look at both the way in which player threat is calculated and how mission offers are distributed to players to try and improve the matchmaking experience overall.

Camping: We'll be addressing a number of the worst camping spots in the game in an upcoming patch. We'll be tackling the rest on an ongoing basis.

Missions Investigations are already under way into ways to make mission objectives more interactive and to try and add a bit more strategy to the actual missions themselves, not just the combat surrounding them.

Rulesets: We're currently looking at adding a 'newbie' ruleset to give players a safe place to learn the game against other new players, and of course we're still progressing work on the 'pure skill' ruleset that was mentioned towards the end of closed beta. The Chaos ruleset hasn't been forgotten about either.

It adds: That's just a sample of the things that are currently going on here, and we're already very excited even with some of the early prototypes. The APB Public Test World will host each of these changes in turn to allow players to give us their feedback before we make a move to push any changes live, so watch the website and forums for announcements about how and when you can get involved in upcoming PTW events.

A number of adjustments to mission offers and matchmaking are already being prepped for PTW and we'll giving you details about when these will be available for you to try very soon.

[ SOURCE: APB Homepage ]