Winsday! I choose you!

PokePark Wii could be yours this weekend

Like the lead singer of a band taking time out to concentrate on 'solo projects', Pikachu's branching out with his own escapade on Wii this month. And you could be enjoying his 'bold new direction' this Saturday if you're this week's Winsday winner.

Actually, we say 'bold new direction' simply because that's what lead singers always say they're taking when they've fallen out with their bandmates. In fact, PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure is more of a gentle detour. And Pikachu hasn't fallen out with his Pokemon 'bandmates', as a bunch of them crop up here for all kinds of minigame larks.

Even though he's striking out on his own, our rodenty yellow friend spends most of his adventure helping out other Pokeymans, because he's nice like that. But it's not all work, work, work. Sometimes it's fight, fight, FIGHT! (But in a 'no one dies' Pokemon way, obviously.)

It's all very charming and Pikachu is still insufferably adorable - you can even take pictures of the little tyke to remember the happy times you have with him gambolling around the PokePark. All much nicer than sniping someone through the throat in Call Of Duty, we think you'll agree.

If you want to spend the weekend hanging out with our main 'Mon, all you need to do is enter our little competition. It closes at midnight on Thursday and we'll send the prize out Friday so it arrives for the weekend. The only thing you have to do is answer the question below. And, er, then tell us what your answer is otherwise we can't enter you into the draw. Anyway, onwards!

Q: What type of Pokemon is Pikachu?

A) Psychic
B) Electric
C) Solar powered

Know the answer? Just text NGPIKACHU followed by a space then your answer (A, B or C), then another space and your full name and address to 87474. Texts cost a trifling 25p plus your standard network rate. The closing date is midnight on Thursday 15 July 2010. Alternatively, you can enter by going to

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Don't worry if you don't win this week - there'll be another competition next Wednesday.