Uncharted 3: Five things we want to see

Here's our list: But what do YOU want from it?

Uncharted 2 was easily one of the best games of 2009. Naughty Dog took a winning formula and made it magical. It had tonnes of personality and a spell-binding story.

Thinking up improvements for the sequel to a near perfect game isn't easy - and Naughty Dog has a tough task ahead of it.

Nevertheless, we've had a good ol' think about what we'd want to see - and there are a few additions we're very keen on.

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Is there anything we've missed that you're keen on? Be sure to let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page...

More puzzles, less answers
While the puzzles in Uncharted 2 were undeniably cool, the fact that all the answers were available to you through Drake's notebook put a bit of a dampener on the experience. It also set a slightly disjointed pace - since you would have to whip out your spoilerific jotter every few minutes to have a look.


We'd love to see more challenging puzzles where the player is left to use Nathan's abilities to figure out the solutions. Platforming in Uncharted 2 is very satisfying - there's nothing like making a jump after a few moments of sizing up a seemingly fatal drop, throwing caution to the wind and going for it anyway. We'd like to feel the same after completing a particularly taxing puzzle sequence.

Split-screen gameplay
When Naughty Dog announced that Uncharted 2 would have a full-featured multiplayer component, many fans voiced the view that it would almost certainly detract from the single player experience.

Not only did Naughty Dog prove them wrong by providing one of the finest single-player experiences ever created, it offered a fresh take on multiplayer that was an addictive mixture of vertical platforming and cover-based shooting.


The only thing missing? Split-screen multiplayer. The moment-to-moment gameplay in Uncharted 2 was particularly exciting due to the constant unpredictability. These random thrills are hard to share when playing multiplayer online. We would love to experience the nail-biting thrills of co-op whilst sat next to our co-op buddy.

Full co-operative campaign
Speaking of co-op... Naughty Dog has proven its ability to tell a gripping story and also to create iconic and unforgettable characters. We would love to see them mix their two biggest strengths and create another equally entertaining character for Nathan to adventure with, perhaps in a fully co-operative campaign.

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A large majority of Nathan's appeal lies in his humour - and he's at his funniest when he's around others. It would be great to have another character for him to vibe off and vice versa. Maybe we could finally get a real game of Marco Polo going?

Uncharted and Uncharted 2 are showpieces for the PlayStation 3's graphical prowess - the two titles stand out as visually astounding and the amount of detail in Uncharted 2 is awe-inspiring.

Sony's push to popularise 3D gaming and get it into the mainstream is currently underway with titles such as WipEout and Super Stardust HD available and Killzone 3 and Motorstorm Apocalypse around the (fully perceivable) corner.

We can't help but fantasise about seeing Naughty Dog create set pieces like the chopper scene from Uncharted 2 in 3D. What was already breathtaking would now shower you in complete and utter sensory-overload.

More awesome set pieces
Our standout gaming memories of 2009 are from Uncharted 2 - and we want the same from Uncharted 3. No, wait - we want more!

More insane chopper sequences, more out-of-control tanks destroying villages, more waking up on the verge of death in train carriages teetering on the edge of a cliff...

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We want Naughty Dog to just let loose and put in the craziest scenarios its team can think up. To be honest, its designers probably don't have a choice anyway... How else are they going to top Uncharted 2?