Miyamoto 'insisted' on 3DS analogue stick

Shigeru Miyamoto asserted his request for analogue control in next handheld

Shigeru Miyamoto has had enough with D-pad-only handhelds. According to 3DS producer Hideki Konno, the Mario mastermind insisted that Nintendo's next handheld don full analogue control.

Miyamoto spoke, Nintendo listened - the Slider pad on the Nintendo 3DS sits just above the D-pad on the left side of the console and gives gamers the opportunity to control their games in full analogue fashion.

"I think analog control is necessary," Konno told Wired, explaining that the inclusion of analogue was not down to the stereoscopic 3D, but its general importance for gameplay. "There is no direct relationship; it's not that we created the slide pad because the system supports 3-D," he said.

"I want to have Mario Kart with analog control," added Konno. "Not only myself, but also Mr. Miyamoto was insisting that our next handheld have analog control."

Konno also revealed that Mario Kart 3DS, along with the new Animal Crossing, will make use of the 3DS' Tag Mode, which automatically downloads data for games from other players as you pass by them.

[ SOURCE: Wired ]