Kinect: You can sit, but you can't lie down

Blitz Games runs into issues with its exercise game

Okay, you CAN sit down and play a Kinect game if it's designed for you to do so. But lie down and Kinect has issues.

That's according to Blitz Games CTO Andrew Oliver, who said his team had problems with Microsoft's motion-sensing tech when developing its Kinect game, The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout.

Apparently, exercises that require you to lie on the floor (like push-ups, sit ups and some yoga positions) don't bode too well with the device because the 3D cameras in it can't build the skeletal frame of your body as it does when standing.

"We had to consider, would this skeletal tracking ever realistically be able to work out that a player is laying on the floor," said Oliver. "We asked - believe me we asked - and we were told it wasn't going to happen," he added.

However, Oliver says they discovered Kinect could alternatively detect push-ups using the player's silhouette outline via the bar's visual camera, allowing them to build their own detection methods in software.

"You don't need to rely on the system," he said, adding: "You can write your own [detection routine] if you know what you're looking for," which he said demonstrates the versatility of Kinect.

Backing up Microsoft's claims on seated play, Oliver said: "If you want to design a seated experience, you can design a seated experience."

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]