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Rare: Kinect removes 'scariness' of controllers

Controllers "have become convoluted" says studio

Nick Burton, Kinect development director at Rare, says Kinect's hands-free approach to gaming removes the "scariness" that modern "convoluted" controllers have.

Regurgitating the same song Nintendo's been singing since it unveiled the Wii Remote years ago, Burton says today's controllers are too complex for new gamers entering the hobby.

Controllers "have become convoluted, they have raised the bar to entry too high," says Burton.

Burton exampled this in recalling a time when he told his daughter that only two buttons were used in a game she wanted to play. "She just couldn't get her head around the fact that the other buttons were redundant," he said, adding that people also feared the consequences of pressing the wrong button in games.

Burton of course reckons motion control and, more specifically Kinect, is the answer because "it removes the layer of scariness that a controller has," he said, according to Develop. "There are so many opportunities that can arise from that."

Rare is on development duties for Kinect Sports, a blatant Wii Sports-alike for Xbox 360 and Kinect.

[ SOURCE: Develop ]