Oddworld announcement coming this week?

Abe Mudokon tweets, gets new website

Fans of the Oddworld gather round, it looks like we can expect some sort of announcement about the classic series by the end of the week.

Abe Mudokon has been tweeting since the beginning of the month and, while it's mostly been farts and greetings, a recent tweet from the lovable Rapture Farms employee suggests an ulterior motive:

"In less than 48hrs, the truth will start to come out.... Sssssssssh"

Our mothers always told us to never trust a Twitter account that doesn't have a stamp of verification on it, but visiting the official Oddworld website and seeing a place holder for a new site makes us think something Odd is indeed on the way.

Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus came as a PSOne Classic in a PSN update last month. Would it be wrong to expect an HD facelift for the series with an Oddworld Collection joining the likes of Sly Raccoon and God of War? Surely a completely new title is too much to ask for.

[ SOURCE: Abe Mudokon on Twitter ]