Rocksteady reflects on Arkham Asylum 'mistakes'

Art director light-heartedly upset over Detective mode

The Bafta Award winning Batman: Arkham Asylum encouraged most players to stay in Detective Mode for long periods - something the title's developer Rocksteady has labelled a "mistake".

In a talk at Brighton-based conference Develop yesterday, the studio's art director David Hego joked that he wanted "to cry a little bit" when hearing of people playing the majority of the game in the mode - as it meant they missed out on much of the title's fantastic art style.

"It was a gameplay decision to make detective vision so strong...we're going to try not to do that mistake again" said Hego.

He also revealed some small details about how they plan to approach 'detective vision' in Arkham Asylum 2.

Hego suggested Batman's all-powerful bad-guy stalking ability will be a little more subtle the second time around as they plan to "make it more like augmented reality next time".

Hego delved into more detail on the tricks used to direct the player and explained how the team used stylised realism to overcome the 'uncanny valley' barrier.

"One of the big advantages of the stylised realism was we were jumping across the uncanny valley... By making [the characters] so stylised, you can forget about uncanny valley because you accept that it's not real."

Warner recently snapped up a number of Arkham Asylum related domains that have ignited speculation on what the next title may be.

[ SOURCE: GameSpot UK ]