Tim Schafer: 'I need to keep my mouth shut'

Double Fine founder regrets Kotick outburst

Brutal Legend creator and well-loved industry funny-man Tim Schafer has responded to the publication of comments in which he described Activision boss Bobby Kotick as a 'prick', saying "I need to keep my mouth shut".

The outspoken game designer described the statements as "an accident" and joked that he should have changed "the title of my talk to 'how to give interviews and remember to check the microphone is off" at the Develop Conference in Brighton this morning.

"It is shocking how you really can't burn bridges in the industry," he said. "You start your own company and you don't have to work for that jerky boss any more. Not naming names.

"Then it's like Empire Strikes Back - you walk in the room and "holy shit Darth Vader's at the table." It's such a small industry, you see the same people over and over again. No-one ever goes away."

Activision responded to Schafer's comments by saying he was wrong about Kotick and that "Bobby has always been passionate about games, and loves the video game industry."

EA have made it no secret that Schafer's most recent game, Brutal Legend, underperformed but Schafer has a loyal and dedicated fan-base, it will be interesting to see where Tim goes from here.